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The Game of Things® – Tom Quinn

tom quinnTHINGS… you should know about

Tom Quinn
(“The Game of THINGS…” Co-Inventor)


Tom Quinn has always understood the power of laughter.  At 6 years old he pushed his swimming instructor into a cold pool because he thought it could possibly be funny.  He didn’t get his level one badge in swimming but he was right.  It was hilarious.  Everybody laughed.

Since then Tom has always come up with creative ways to make people giggle.
Over the years he and his brother Ted were constantly creating comedic versions of existing board games, party games and even sports. Thus it was fated that, 10 years ago, they and a high school friend, Mark Sherry, came up with the idea for the world’s funniest party game: The Game of THINGS™

 is a who-said-what game with attitude that turns everyone into a comedian.  Players write responses to provocative topics such as…

THINGS…™ you shouldn’t tie to the roof of your car”.
THINGS…™ your parents forgot to tell you”.
THINGS…™ you wouldn’t do for all the money in the world.”
…and then take turns trying to guess who wrote what.

It is such a hysterical game that as of March 2013 THINGS…™ has sold over 1.3 MILLION COPIES.  Also, in 2006 THINGS…™ won the Canadian Toy Testing Counsel’s top award.  Quinn, who in the first 3 years traveled across Canada doing hundreds of radio, TV and print interviews says for him it all comes down to the comedy.  “One million games sold means we have inspired many more millions of people to actually laugh.  We’re proud of that”.

In 2013, Tom won a Toy & Game Inventor (TAGIE) Award for Excellence in Game Design. It was a proud moment for Tom, his co-inventors, and PlayMonster.

When not inventing games, Tom can be found behind a movie camera, working as an Assistant Director with some of Hollywood’s biggest names: Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Robert Deniro, Whoopi Goldberg, Michael Douglas, David Cronenberg, Francis Ford Coppola, Gus Van Sant and countless others in a career spanning 27 years.

Tom is a hockey playing Canadian who also has a degree in literature. He lives in Toronto with his wife of twenty years, who still laughs at his old jokes, and his two young children who giggle the moment he enters the room.

You can check out Tom’s movie credits at the Internet Movie Data Base

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