Pigs on Trampolines

Item 23119

MSRP $24.99(each)

Ages 6+

Contents: 6 Rubber Pigs, 3 Trampolines, 7 Mud Pies, Pig Pen (some assembly required), Instructions.

Product Overview

Yippeee! Jump for joy with Pigs on Trampolines! Use the trampolines to bounce your pigs into the pig pen and try to land in the mud puddle! Every pig you land in the puddle earns you a mud pie. Keep on bouncing your pigs until all the mud pies are gone—the muddiest piggy wins! Comes with 6 rubber pigs, 3 trampolines, 7 mud pies, pig pen (some assembly required), and instructions. For 2 to 3 players, ages 6 and up!