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Indoors, Outdoors!

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As the weather gets cooler, kids are going to miss their favorite outdoor activities. Things like swing sets, sandboxes, pools and bike rides aren’t always possible when fall rolls around. But just because you can’t go outside doesn’t mean you can’t do outside activities! Here’s a few ways you can keep the summer fun going all year round!

1. Indoor Sandbox: Grab some sand from the box and bring it in! You’ll need a small box or plastic container. Fill your indoor sand box with some sand and put it somewhere that can get messy. Your child can now build sandcastles, play with construction toys or even just feel the sand between their fingers. It’s a taste of summer whenever they want!

2. Indoor Camp-out: Set up a tent in your living room and spend the night in it. Put a video of a campfire on your TV. You can find a bunch on the internet; pick one you like! Cook some s’mores on the stove or microwave for a sweet treat. Crawl in your tent and tell scary stories! Camping season isn’t over just because it’s cold outside!

3. Cotton-Ball Catch: Mom always said don’t play ball in the house! While most balls can be dangerous and break things indoors, a cotton ball is soft enough to be thrown all over. Play a game of catch, build a hoop and play “Pig,” or play a game of “Monkey in the Middle!” Have an indoor sports day!