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Games for Grads

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After a long year of learning and test-taking, the school year is just about done. To celebrate all the wonderful academic achievements and newfound freedom of graduation, here are some great games for new grads!

5 Second Rule

7427 5secuncens Pkg 300x300Whether you go with the classic game or the more adult Uncensored version, 5 Second Rule is sure to be a hit for any recent grads!

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Read the prompt, then spit out 3 answers as fast as you can! You might think it’s easy, but with almost no time to think, there’s no telling what silly answers slip out!

This game is perfect for late summer nights and for bringing to the college dorms for the fall. Have some wholesome family fun with the original game, or get some hilariously inappropriate answers with Uncensored—like hearing your roommate’s response to “Name 3 Things You Lick”!


Relative Insanity

7441 Relativeinsanitybox 238x300No matter where life takes your grad next, you’ll want them to think about their family—even if they’re a little crazy! Relative Insanity is all about your wacky relatives and the things they say! No matter how far away they roam, new graduates are sure to remember all the silly moments with their own families when they crack open their game!

Take turns reading hilarious prompts setting up what someone said, then pick the funniest possible response given. What does Granny say about the new baby, or Cousin Judy whisper in your ear during the funeral? The possible answers are as funny (or funnier) than the real thing!

What’s Yours Like?

While exciting, graduation can also be a little scary. You’re leaving somewhere you’ve been for a while to enter a new phase of life, and there’s no telling who you might meet.

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Make that transition a little easier (and funnier) with What’s Yours Like?! Every player except for one looks at the prompt, then take turns describing what “theirs” is like while the odd one out tries to guess what everyone else is talking about.

Learn more about your new friends when describing your similarities in life and being in on the joke as you give increasingly funny answers! Maybe yours is often wet while another player’s is too tight—both of you are talking about your swimsuit, and nothing takes the edge off an unfamiliar situation quite like bonding over something shared.

These represent just a few of the great games that we sell! Try out Five Crowns, Farkle, Spoons, Utter Nonsense, or any of our other games! Find more amazing ideas for graduation elsewhere on or in stores where PlayMonster products are sold!