Spirograph Retro Deluxe Tin

Item 23362

MSRP $17.99(each)

Ages 8+

Contents: 19 Spirograph Precision Wheels, 2 Spirograph Precision Rings, Spirograph Precision Rack, Reusable Spirograph Putty, 3 Design Pens, Guide Book, 20 Sheets of Design Paper, Storage Tray, Tin

Product Overview

This commemorative edition Spirograph set is a reproduction of the original—just like you remember—featuring throwback packaging and retro graphics all within a high-quality tin! With all the iconic wheels and rings of the original, the precision engineered Spirograph gears work with the three design pens included, as well as with most standard pens, markers and pencils.  The tin also acts as a great storage compartment, perfect for taking this classic set on the go.