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Build your street with adorable animals numbered 1 to 7! But neighbors have to be different…the same animal can’t be neighbors, and they can’t share the same hoodie either. Create a full street of animals to win! NeighborHoodies card game for kids can be played by kids ages 5 and up. This adorable kids learning game is easy to learn and can be played with two or more players. Check out other PlayMonster Games to play with the whole family! We have board games for kids, teens, and adults so the whole family can play on your next game night. From classic games like 5 Second Rule, Five Crowns, to new favorites like Pigs on Trampolines and 5 Second Rule Relay.

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Ages: 5+

Two or more players

Contents: 55 cards, including 49 animal cards, 3 unpacking cards, 3 moving cards