Craft-tastic Chance Bracelets

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MSRP $16.99(each)

Product Overview

Roll the dice and let chance decide your design with Craft-tastic DIY Chance Bracelets! Roll the dice and spin the spinner to figure out which beads to use and how many until you have enough for a bracelet, then craft it! Perfect for jewelry-making on your own or with some friends, this kit comes with 400 beads and a reusable design tray to keep your beads and designs contained. Refill the tray with your own beads to keep on designing over and over again! Comes with 6 yds elastic thread in 6 colors, 400 beads, 2 dice, a storage tray with a spinner, and instructions.

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Ages:  8+

6 yards thread, 400 beads, 2 dice, storage tray with spinner, instructions