Playskool Glo Friends – Swirl & Shine MoonDrop Pond

Item 1982

MSRP $34.99(each)

Ages 2+

Content: Firefly Toy, MoonDrop Pond, Leaf Door, Swing, Tree Trunk, Tree Branch, Rock Base, 2 Mushrooms, Guide

Product Overview

Visit the heart of the Glo Friends’ world with Swirl & Shine MoonDrop Pond! The homes and lives of the Glo Friends characters center on MoonDrop Pond, and now it can be a center of focus for your child too! The pond provides a place of imagination and reflection for your little one as they use their fingers to trace the swirl of the pond and make it light up and glow! Firefly can hide, swing, sit, glow, and more in all the interactive spaces at the pond. The pond plays music, lights up, and glows at your child’s touch—how magical!