My Fairy Garden Hedgehog Haven

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MSRP $24.99(each)

Product Overview

Play all day with My Fairy Garden! Explore Hedgehog Haven with Tara the Earth fairy and her adorable Plantimal friends, the hedgehoglets! Part hedge, part hedgehog—Plantimals Twig, Prickles, and Quill have so much to do in their mushroom house! Take the basket up and down, peek through the hoglet-sized door, ride in the wheelbarrow, swing on the swings, and more! Read the special Fairy Field Guide to learn more about Tara, the fairy world, and how plants grow! There are even special fairy activities you can try to earn a certificate for being a Nurturer of Nature! Each purchase of a My Fairy Garden product contributes to the planting of trees in partnership with One Tree Planted! Hedgehog Haven comes with Tara the earth fairy, 3 hedgehoglets: Twig, Prickles, and Quill, a tree stump, a mushroom house, 3 leaf swings, 2 leaf platforms, a leaf table and chairs, leaf beds, bucket pulley, watering can, horticulturist’s vermiculite (soil), a seed bottle with red cabbage seeds, instructions, and the fairy field guide.

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Fairy, Plantimals, Tree Stump, Mushroom House, 3 Leaf Swings, 2 Leaf Platforms, Leaf Table and Chairs, Leaf Beds, Bucket Pulley, Watering Can, Horticulturist’s Vermiculite, Seed Bottle, Instructions, Fairy Field Guide