Latchkits Yarnimals Koala

Item 1826

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Ages 8+

Contents: 2 Pieces 3D Mesh Form (7″x9″x4″ Assembled), 2 Snap-In Eyes, 1 Heart Charm, 1 Looping Tool, 200 yds Colorful Yarn, Illustrated Guide.

Product Overview

Take the fun of Latchkits to a whole new level with Latchkits Yarnimals! Use the same classic latching technique as a traditional Latchkits rug to make an adorable 3D Koala! Practice your skills on the included heart charm, then loop your own plush pal! When you’re done crafting, just add your heart charm and easily snap together the two halves of your Yarnimal! The reward for all of your crafting work is a soft toy you can play with! Yarnimals are the perfect long-time craft project with hours of crafting fun!