Koosh Slingshot

Item 24307

MSRP $17.99(each)

Product Overview

Take your aim with Koosh Slingshot! Test out your accuracy and aim, or see how far you can make your Koosh balls soar with this easy-to-use slingshot for kids. Koosh Slingshot comes with 3 mini Koosh balls that store easily inside the handle for travel. Koosh toys are sports and outdoor play toys for kids and boys ages 6 and up. Designed for effortless play, Koosh is easy to catch but hard to put down!

Customer Care

Ages 6+

Contains one slingshot and three balls


WARNING:  CHOKING HAZARD – Toy contains a small ball.  Not suitable for children under 3 years.

WARNING:  EYE HAZARD – Do not aim at eyes or face.  Do not discharge an object other than the included projectiles.