Flying Squireels Feeder Frenzy

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MSRP $24.99(each)

Product Overview

Introducing the next hit sensation from PlayMonster Games: Flying Squirrel Feeder Frenzy! Following in the footsteps of the wildly successful Pigs On Trampolines, this high-energy game is set to become a family favorite, guaranteed to have everyone in stitches. Get ready for non-stop laughter and excitement as you dive into the world of funny squirrels and fast-paced action. Squirrel Frenzy is the ultimate active play experience, perfect for family game nights or gatherings with friends. With its tactile and fidgety feel, this skill-based game promises hours of entertainment for all ages. Watch as they race to hit the targets on the bird feeder, unleashing a flurry of peanuts and acorns for players to scramble and collect. Peanuts are worth 1 point, while acorns are worth 5. The player with the most points after all 3 feeder sections have been dumped is crowned the ultimate squirrel champion! Get ready to unleash your inner squirrel and experience the thrill of Squirrel Frenzy. It’s time to gather your nuts and aim for victory!

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Ages: 6+

2-3 Players


12 Squirrels

36 Peanuts

6 Acorns

3 Nest Bowls

7 Bird Feeder Pieces

2 Feeder Stand Pieces