Craft-tastic Magical Bath Bubble Potions

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Product Overview

Magical bubble-potion fun for everyone! Craft-tastic’s Magical Bath Bubble Potions turns any bath into an enchanting experience! Use the bubble maker in a bath, sink, or water table, add your ingredients and some running water, and watch as your magical potion comes to life with colors and bubbles! All you need is this kit and some imagination! This kit comes with a cloud-shaped bubble maker, a plastic wand for stirring your potions, 5 potion recipes that float in water and stick to the sides of a bathtub, 5 different vials of soap confetti, 1 vial of mica powder to add sparkle to your potions, a star-shaped bubble bar, and instructions. For ages 4 and up (with help!).

Customer Care

Ages: 4+ with adult help

Bubble Maker, Plastic Wand, 5 Waterproof Potion Recipes, 5 Bottles of Soap Confetti, 1 Bottle of Mica Powder 1 Bubble Bar, Instructions