Sit ‘N Spin

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MSRP $34.97(each)

Product Overview

Sit ‘n Spin has been a whirly, twirly kid’s favorite spinning toy for decades. Sit on the platform, grab the wheel, and turn the fun loose to start spinning! Nothing relieves kid’s of their endless energy like spinning around on a Sit ‘n Spin. As children spin, listen to the joyful tunes that start and stop along with their movement. Kids can hone their balance and coordination while having a blast spinning round and around. Playskool toys are thoughtfully designed with children and their parents in mind. That’s why Sit ‘n Spin is easy to assemble, simple to clean, and had a convenient off switch for the music. Enjoy big play in small spaces with Sit ‘n Spin.

Customer Care

Ages: 18 M+

The weight limit is 42 lbs or less