Playskool Classic Glo Worm

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MSRP $19.99(each)

Product Overview

This huggable, snuggable, soothing Glo Worm friend has delighted families and comforted babies since 1983. Press the star on Playskool Glo Worm to play familiar lullabies and activate Glo Worm’s soothing glowing face. With 3 modes, Glo Worm can cycle through 6 different lullabies, play music and glow for 10 minutes continuously, or just glow comfortingly without sound for quiet time. Playskool toys are thoughtfully designed with babies and their parents in mind. That’s why Glo Worm has volume control settings so parents can choose how loud or soft to make the lullabies, and simple cleaning instructions to keep Glo Worm cuddly and comforting through all of life’s messier moments.

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Ages: 0+

Glo Worm, 2 AA batteries