Coding Lab

Item 2213

MSRP $24.99(each)

Ages 6 & Up

Contents: 36-Page Booklet, Paper with Graphic Elements, 20 Binary Coding Beads, Decorative Stickers, Coding Stand, 3 Paper Straws, 8 Small Bottles, Yarn, Fishing Line, Card Ribbons, Maze Card, Scoop, 2 Beads, Sand, 6 Cups

Product Overview

Discover the fundamentals of coding while playing and having fun! Through play, children develop different cognitive skills. Studies show that when children are having fun or making discoveries during an experiment, they are more likely to feel motivated and rewarded while learning. These positive experiences help stimulate the brain to develop various skills. That’s why this kit combines fun and education to foster curiosity and experimentation! Children will enjoy the 10 experiments and come away with a positive learning experience!