Award Winning

Y’Art® Masterpiece — The Starry Night

Item 1440z

MSRP $49.99(each)

Ages 8 & Up

Contents: 16″ x 20″ Numbered Y’Artboard Canvas, 20 Bundles Premium Yarn, Y’Art pen, Instruction Guide

Product Overview

Color a masterpiece with yarn!

Welcome to the world of Y’Art where coloring meets craft! Experience a whole new way to create an amazing textile masterpiece with the ease of coloring. Yarn magically clings to the poster-sized Grip-N-Stick Y’Artboard canvas as you swirl, twirl and zig-zag with the Y’Art pen. Color in the numbered areas to create a vibrant, textured version of Van Gogh’s classic The Starry Night. Y’Art is OOPS-proof — if you make a mistake, simply lift up the yarn and reposition. Once you finish your masterpiece-by-number, it’s ready to frame!