StitchKits™ Flower Cross Stitch Kit

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Ages 6 & Up

Contents: 8” x 8” pre-embroidered cross stitch cloth, 6” (15cm), 2-pc. embroidery hoop, 5 colors embroidery floss, 4.3 yd. (4m) each, tapestry needle, detailed instruction guide

Product Overview

The color-by-stitch embroidery kit!

StitchKits™ are a fun and EASY way to learn to stitch! The outlines of the flower design are already embroidered on the cross-stitch cloth, ready for you to COLOR BY STITCHING! There’s only one simple stitch to learn, and you choose where to add each color to make the adorable design your own. Just fill in the colors for a perfect picture every time. It’s that easy!