Marbleocity® Motor Kit

Item MAMD100SS

MSRP $14.99(each)

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Ages 12 & Up

Assembled in USA from US and China parts.

Contents: Laser-Cut Birch Wood Parts, Motor, Battery Box, Hardware, Tinkineer Graphic Novel with Assembly Instructions

Product Overview

Power up your marble machine! The Marbleocity Motor Kit comes with everything you need to automate your full-size Marbleocity Dragon Coaster or Skate Park.
It’s a great way to enhance your Marbleocity showpiece! If you link multiple marble machines, you will need one motor per machine. The Marbleocity Motor Kit also comes with a fun comic that teaches you about some of the science that powers your motor…gear trains and torque! The Marbleocity Motor Kit is compatible with all Marbleocity kits EXCEPT the Mini Skate Park and Mini Coaster. To install, you will need household white glue, screwdriver and pliers. Requires 2 AA batteries, not included.

Tinkineer’s Marbleocity introduces children to engineering principles and physics concepts with dynamic hands-on STEM model kits made of precision-cut wood in the USA. Each kit includes easy-to-follow assembly instructions in a graphic novel that features the Tinkineer characters. The comic introduces a physics concept or engineering mechanism that is the focal point of the model, all in a fun and engaging way! The result is an awesome kinetic sculpture and some new physics and engineering insight!