BriteBrush® – Interactive smart kids toothbrush featuring Elmo

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Ages 3 & Up

Replaceable Toothbrush Head: Includes 2 soft brush heads (1 blue and 1 red) that are gentle on teeth and gums. Batteries included.

Product Overview

BriteBrush® is the smart toothbrush that makes it FUN to brush right!

Winner of 3 top parenting awards, BriteBrush® features revolutionary oral care technology, with smart sensors, side change recognition, and live feedback to help teach kids proper brushing techniques, all while having a blast.

Parents can say goodbye to the brush battle, and, with the Parent Check Light, they can have peace of mind by knowing that their child has brushed correctly. Kids can get a score of up to 10 stars and a red, yellow, or green light will indicate how they’ve done.

With Elmo as their brushing coach, kids of all ages will learn to brush right while playing engaging games. They will love playing any of the four BriteBrush® Elmo games: The hit Brushy Brush song, Tricycle Adventure, Silly Sounds, and Music Maker.

No mobile devices or apps needed!

2 soft brush heads are included (1 blue and 1 red), with soft bristles that are gentle on teeth and gums.