BriteBrush Kids Toothbrush with Elmo – Makes it Fun to Brush Right with Games and Songs

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MSRP $19.99(each)

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Ages 3 & Up

Replaceable Toothbrush Head: Includes 2 soft brush heads (1 blue and 1 red) that are gentle on teeth and gums. Batteries included.

Product Overview

BriteBrush is the smart toothbrush that makes it fun to brush right!

Winner of 3 top parenting awards, BriteBrush features revolutionary oral care technology, including smart brushing sensors, side change recognition, sonic vibration, and a parent check light.

The Parent Check Light gives parents peace of mind, allowing you to confirm if your child brushed well – with a score of up to 10 stars and a red, yellow, or green light.

With Elmo as their brushing coach, kids of all ages will learn proper brushing techniques while having a blast playing engaging games and earning star rewards as they brush.

They will love playing any of the four games: The Hit Brushy Brush song, Tricycle Adventure, Silly Sounds, and Music Maker all while earning star rewards.

No mobile devices or apps needed!

2 soft brush heads are included (1 blue and 1 red), featuring soft bristles that are gentle on teeth and gums.